Why I MyProManage

I have a strange set of responsibilities.

In one part of my life, I run a tech company, Start-Automating, the software services company. I also am the president of my HOA in my Condo Building, The Sahali. The Sahali has 49 units and is about 40 years old. This means there's a lot of people to keep straight, a lot of little things that need to be fixed, and a lot of long-term things to track.

My "normal" week involves a writing one new software service, making two or three websites, tracking down progress on jobs with local maintenance companies, and dealing with a cleaning company or two. Life can be strange.

I created MyProManage to make managing my building easier. Hopefully, it will do the same for yours.

Hope this Helps,

James Brundage

Founder - Start-Automating

HOA President - Sahali Condos